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01Wembley Angus Mentor


We have a strong presence on the AHBD oilseed rape recommended lists with our hybrid varieties demonstrating their consistency in performance over the seasons. We also have developed clubroot resistant varieties with special relevance for northern and Scottish growers.

The 2016-17 AHDB winter oilseed rape Recommended Lists show our hybrid varieties Wembley and Angus maintaining their consistent gross output performance in the East-West region.

Mentor continues as a specially recommended variety on both the East/West and North region Lists due to its clubroot resistance – a key factor for growers especially in Scotland.

Looking to the future, we have further oilseed rape varieties progressing through the trials system as we continue our breeding programme which is now focused on hybrid varieties with their improved yield and agronomics underlined by their consistency in performance.

Click on the LSPB variety logos above to see the individual data sheets, and click on the Recommended List images below to see the 2017/18 oilseed rape AHDB East/West and North Recommended Lists in detail.

RL OSR East WestRL OSR North

Recommended Lists reproduced here with grateful acknowledgement to AHDB.

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